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Are You "Selling" the Right Thing?

Garage_sale Yesterday I was out selling our Rural Lifestyle radio show here in Des Moines.  I stopped at a retail store that is perfect for the demographic the show is attempting to reach.  It wasn't my first visit there...but what I heard from the owner... 

The owner told me he was struggling to figure out what type of advertising works and what does not.  Common issue.   I asked the owner "what" he was advertising.  I think he was surprised by the, "What do you mean what do I advertise?  I advertise the stuff I am trying to sell.  You idiot!"  But he was nice...he didn't say "idiot".

He told me exactly what most retailers would say..."I advertise the products I am trying to sell."  Trouble is...he is advertising the wrong things.

Here is what he should be advertising...and yes, I told him:

  • His Location - He is situated in one of the very best places for the type of product(s) he is selling...very near where people who would use his product(s) gather several times each mass.
  • The Quality - His store is the very finest in the region...note I did not say area but REGION.  It is that nice!
  • Him - I think this is the most important thing he is NOT advertising.  The store owner has real working knowledge of the products he is selling.  Many buyers of his product need to know they make an informed buying decision.

Did he listen?   I'm not sure...but I felt so strongly about this...and some other issues he told me about.  I sent him a detailed letter FOR FREE outlining these thoughts and others.

I hate to see people struggle...with the simple things.

So, are you selling the right "stuff" in your advertising and marketing messages? 

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