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Old Fashioned Marketing

Harry_oconnor This weekend we're headed to the Iowa State Fairgrounds to do some "old fashioned" marketing.  The event is the 25th Iowa Horse Fair and we've got a couple of clients we're going to work with.  Our job?  Listening.

It's called being in touch with the customer.   No, we're not going to actually "sell" our clients products.  We're there to listen to what potential customers have to say about our client. 

Rh_brochure_cover We want to know if anybody has heard of Running Horse - Elite Equine Nutrition products.  We want to know what people think when they see the signs, the bags, the brochure.  We want to gain some first hand knowledge about the consumer...in other words...what do we need to do to drive business and help our client make their good product...great?

We'll also be hanging out around the FOTON Compact Tractor booth.  For those of you outside this area you may never have heard of the brand.  That's OK...the local dealer Mayer Farm Implements has sold over 70 of these units (25 - 82 horsepower) over the past 20 months...pretty good.  We're also there to learn more about what we're doing right...and what we might do better.

So, why am I telling you we're gonna do some O.T. this weekend?  Because it's important to have an advertising or marketing agency that does that sort of thing.  If your agency doesn't...you should demand it.  If YOU don't do it..."listen to the consumer"...you should be.  But, remember it's hard to listen while you are selling.

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