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Richardson_coffee This isn't a Political Blog it is a Business Blog where we attempt to give our readers nuggets of advertising and marketing truths.  So, what does this weekend's visit to Iowa by presidential hopeful Gov. Bill Richardson have to do with business...plenty.

Governor Bill Richardson from New Mexico sat down at a couple of tables that had been pulled together at the Break Room Cyber Cafe and visited yesterday with a dozen or so curious Iowans.  It was in sharp contrast to the "Hillary Express" and the "Obama Love Fest" that had rolled into town last month and packed a number of large arenas with lots of people but few ideas.

Earlier in the day Richardson met with members of the Des Moines Register and with roughly 75 students at Drake University.  His visit marks the first time the former congressman, former U.S. Ambassador and former Secretary of Energy visited Iowa as a presidential candidate.

Richardson_crowd Richardson spent a little over an hour answering maybe thirteen well thought out and articulated questions ranging from Israel to domestic energy issues and from the War in Iraq to the unrest in Africa.  At one point Richardson said, I believe without pandering, "This is why Iowa needs to be the first in the nation to help decide who may be the next president.  These are fantastic and learned questions!"  The interesting thing was that most of the questions came from young women and men less than 30 years old. you get the "set up".  So why am I bothering you with this story?  Because in politics, as in business, it's critical to have substance over style.  Look, we make a living helping our clients sell their products.  In each and every case the products or services are already good...with marketing and advertising we help make them great. matter how we "package" the product if it's will be bad even after the dust has settled.

This week Bill Richardson is doing the tough, grinding work of kitchen table politics...  Just like folks who make great products or services he is learning his market and facing the "consumer".  His first words after sitting down were, "OK, I could give you a campaign speech but I'd rather listen to you and your questions.  Got some?"  Business could learn something from this.  When was the last time you went out, sat down with a dozen or so customers and listened?

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