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Radio_mpl So, I'm cutting these radio ads the other day for a client and while in the studio I listen to somebody's ad that has the back twenty seconds of the sixty second spot filled with a disclaimer...

I started working in broadcasting with Marconi. (Yes...I'm that old...or feel like it sometimes). Back "in the day" we didn't much worry about long disclaimers when we cut a radio or TV ad.  You know, all that fast language or small print that the industry lawyers have insisted be in advertising for "the good of the consumer" or business.  Trouble is...nobody can read it...and when heard it's hard to figure out what the speeding mouth is really saying.

Man_what So, what's the point?  Really?  Sure, I guess a "fool and his money" are soon parted and if you are advertising a pack of lies or "something too good to be true" you should be forced into warning the public that if they really buy it.  It's "buyer beware".

So, the real question might be:  Why bother?  When you hear or see an ad that has all the disclaimer language do you really trust the message?  Why not spend the time, when you are shouting out the wonderful pricing or benefits of the product or service, simply tell the truth.  Right there...during the ad.  It's easy, truthful and more believable.

What say you?

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