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Img_0199_t Sunday mornings are a good time to catch up on a wide variety of items...some business...some not.  All, we hope, have a grain of information you might use.  Thanks for coming by...pour a cup and let's get started.

You have them...we have them...and they can be the very best thing or a nightmare.  Talking about employees or co-workers.  Here is a quick question:  Would you rather have an employee who thinks outside the box and questions the rules and regulations or somebody who accepts the rules and stays out of trying to make sense of the policies?

I'm interested in your thoughts...

Rep_mark_kuhn Some of you know we do a weekly radio show targeting the rural lifestyle market here in Central Iowa.  This past week we spent most of the show talking about Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations...or CAFOs. (Kay-Foes) with Rep. Mark KuhnHF 873 is a Bill designed to offer some protection to rural landowners, rural homeowners, lakes, streams and the environment. It's opposed by folks who should be embracing the legislation...and some big money.

Good20capitol So, what's this got to do with advertising, marketing and public relations? Lots. It impacts quality of life issues, tourism and economic development.  If you are an Iowan, no matter city or rural, read the bill and decide for yourself.  If you are motivated make contact with House Majority Leader, and Senate Majority Leader and ask they allow the bill to come out of committee for debate.  It's the right thing to matter what the Farm Bureau says.

Kunta_computer Even my Bird Blogs!  This is Kunta and he's BLOGGING.  See, I told you this is serious stuff!  Not only are there Bird Blogs but also Blogs for cats and dogs.  Now, if only some of our clients would get serious about their Business Blogs...we'd be onto something!

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