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"Thank You" Still Works

12faceoff Last night the Iowa Stars Hockey Team (AHL affiliate of the Dallas Stars) held their annual Season Ticket Holder Party at Wells Fargo Arena here in Des Moines.  Fans had access to the staff and players for over two hours and...

while the team was saying "Thank you" to the fans for their support I was touched by how many of the fans I heard say, "Thank you for your efforts." 

It didn't much matter who was in earshot fans and players alike were involved in an evening of recognizing the importance of each other.  Sure, we pay for the privilege of going to the game and watching these young men play for themselves and for the team...but it's always neat when both sides understand how important the relationship is.

Iowa_stars_dave In addition to the mutual appreciation event the fans were also treated to an evening of one on one access to players and coaches (Photo: Coach Dave Allison).  We got to ask pointed questions and they got to respond.  How refreshing!  (I still think we need an "enforcer".)

Finally the management, staff and players all had great things to say about Iowa and Des Moines.  While we've got a couple of Midwest players (Minnesota and Michigan) Most come Iowa_stars_team from quite a distance...Canada (both rural and urban - French and English), Sweden, Czechoslovakia, Hungary and many more.  All of them...each and every one praised Des Moines and the people of Iowa.  That was really nice.

Bottom Line: you say "thank you" to your customers often enough?  Do you take the time and spend the money to listen to what they have to say?  Is your relationship with your customers one sided or do you really want to learn?  Finally, just like there are other too there are other products like yours.  Do you spend your time building up your product or tearing down others?

John Pettit and his staff weren't betting on a Business Blog this morning...but they did something all of us can learn more from.  Thanks!

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