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They Should Ask First...

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Logos are an important part of brand building and we spend alot of time with clients making sure things match...  We want the logo to match the market, etc.

That's why, when I saw the brand new Iowa Department of Agricultutre and Land Stewardship logo, my first question was, "Are they drinking that heavy down at the Wallace Building?"

Logo_9_14 Here is the "old" IDALS logo.  It's pretty simple...round...and just  two colors.  But it's served pretty well and gets the point across that the agriculture department is focused on more than just corn and soybeans.  The department two months ago changed the red to green and we figured that was the only change to be made.

Idalslogo But, yesterday we got this.  Two words..."Oh, my!"  Gosh gang...if you had only asked us first we would have been happy to spend some time and help you create a good looking piece...  But this?  And in yellow and green....  Wonder if John Deere made a big contribution to the campaign?  Problem is it already looks tired and old...and it's only been around for a couple of weeks.

If nothing least we can do a geography lesson with the new logo..."So, where do you live?"  Me?  Pretty close to the silo and we've got an acreage up by the "I" in agriculture.

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