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Are You Fluent in Spanish and "Elder Speak"?

Farmer_older_2 At our agency we spend most of our time working with clients who advertise and market into the agricultural and rural markets.  Yes, we do other things...but over the years our love for the rural lifestyle has directed much of our efforts.

One of our talents is to be able to better describe target demographics for our clients.  Because we know the rural lifestyle, have lived the rural lifestyle and keep ourselves in tune with what is happening in Rural America we think we bring an understanding of the market to the people we help.

Farmer_older_w_dog That's why we were not surprised by the headline, "Population Dynamics Are Changing the Profile of Rural Areas" that was in the recent USDA Amber Waves publication.  (If you would like to view it, just click here.)

The nutshell of the report is that not only is Rural America "graying" at a faster pace than Urban America it is also quickly moving toward a place of increased cultural diversity.

Mexican_flag The message here is that Spanish speaking individuals are moving to rural parts of the country...quickly and there is an increased market in several key areas of the United States.  Where?  You many be surprised to learn that leading the charge in the growing Hispanic population is the Midwest and Great Plains.  That's right Missouri and Kansas and Iowa...."Ola"!

Farmer_older So, the question to our existing and perspective client is this:  What are you doing to attract and retain both of these very important markets?  When it comes to the older demographic are you focusing on print size, color, images and methods that will move this demographic toward your product?  Or...are your marketing people recent college grads that, as I did at one time, consider a person of 30 years to be "old"?

Likewise, how is your ability to communicate a message to the growing Hispanic Community?  Or, are you hoping this will go away and you won't have to deal with this growing population?  If so...big mistake.

So...something for you to chew on as the sun and blue skies return to Iowa....  What say you?

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