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Bird Herding & Advertising

Bird_herding_1 Years ago a couple of us tried to herd "beach birds" in Daytona.  For those of you who have walked along the beach and seen these flighty critters you know this is an impossible task.

As the years went on my friend and I would often make reference to "Bird Herding" as a way to describe hopeless business situations where, in the end, everything simply worked against the goal of "getting your stuff together".

Bird_herding_2 That's often the way business owners or "Sales and Marketing" folks view their jobs:  "So many places to advertise our product or service, so many decisions to make, so many people calling or coming by!  Do I continue doing the 'same thing' as we did last year?  Who can I believe?  How do I make the right decision?" 

Bird Herding...

It was one of the reasons we started our advertising and marketing agency.  We saw a continuing need to help people, who were already overwhelmed by the day to day issues of manufacturing or service provision, with their marketing plans.  It was a way in which a company could quit guessing and start acting on solid knowledge and recommendations.  It was a way to measure the return on investment, a way to think about new uses for products and about new ways to advertise what we discovered by interacting with existing and potential customers.

Bird_herding_3 Maybe we can help you improve the impact of your advertising and marketing dollars.  Maybe we can show you new ways in which to reach out to your key demographic.  Maybe we can help you "take a breath" and think...  Maybe we can help you get "your stuff together".  It's what we do...everyday.

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