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Getting Your Website Found

Hide_seek If you sometimes have the feeling that your Website is hiding from the rest of the world you can take several steps TODAY that will help you force the site into the open...

When I spoke to the Board of Directors of NTPDA (The National Tractor Parts Dealers Association) in January I told them they could boost visits to their website and better communicate with members, perspective members and end users (farmers & dealers) if they did just three things:

  • Review and replace some outdated key words in their description.  We did that in about twenty minutes.
  • Encourage members of the association and vendors to create a link to their page.  This took a little longer...
  • Create a Business BLOG and make it part of their home page.  This took a couple of weeks.

Three things, all accomplished in less than a month.  By February Executive Director Phyllis Cox was blogging at least three times a week...and watching the number of visits to their site start to increase.  (You can visit too by clicking here.)  Meanwhile Kim Carroll, the Administrative Assistant of the association, sent out reminders to members, perspective members and vendors about the effort and encouraged folks to click through to learn more.

Arrow_dollar_signs Here we are at the end of the first three months and the site now has visits (Unique and Existing) up by well over 100%.  Where there once were hundreds visiting the website NTPDA now has thousands coming by for a visit.

Easy?  Well, not really.  It takes commitment, vision and an understanding of how to be found...  It also takes a willingness to desire communication with customers.  NTPDA wanted to accomplish all of these things...and they are doing well.

So...can you be found?  Or is your website hiding from the world? you know?

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