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Stars_faceoff The Iowa Stars (AHL affiliate of the Dallas Stars) last night played to a 3 - 1 win over the Omaha Knights (AHL affiliate of the Calgary Flames) to take a 3 to 1 advantage in the best of a seven game first round Calder Cup Playoff.  They can close out the first round on Friday in Omaha should they win. (To those of you who don't like or have any interest in hockey...hang on...there is another message on.)

Anyway, it IS a big deal for those of us who follow the game and, frankly, it is a big deal for Des Moines to have this caliber of hockey played at the new and beautiful Wells Fargo Arena at the Iowa Events Center.  Or so you would think...

This morning the sports page of the Des Moines Register had two stories about the win and that was nice.  There was also a note that the Stars rank last among the 16 AHL teams in the Calder Cup playoffs.  (1,453 fans on Monday  and 2,111 last night) That is NOT surprising...

It's not surprising because some of the major sports reporters simply ignore the Iowa Stars...and that is a shame.

Jim_zabel Yesterday I spent several hours on the road and I was listening to WHO - Radio (the statewide 50,000 watt 'blowtorch' of a radio station out of DSM)  They have regular "sports reports" with the venerable Jim Zabel.  There was news about the Drake Relays, a story of Cub's pitcher Mark Prior who is out for the season and even a story about yet another Ferentz signing with the Iowa Hawkeyes football.  Jim gushed (yes gushed), "Yet another Ferentz joins his coach father Kirk at Iowa..." 

Nothing...not a mention about the Iowa Stars on the "Sports Authority".

So, what is the point?  The Iowa Stars are NOT a big least in the minds of the people that help inform and build momentum.  OR...could it be that the Front Office of the team needs to build better relationships?

Sure, this is a post about marketing and advertising and it is clear the Iowa Stars could use some major help in both...and maybe a little public relations might help a bit. 

Hockey_equipment Here at our little place we like to think of this as yet another business trying to "go it alone" in the world of marketing and advertising.  Once again a business says, "Hey, we know our business better than we should be able to market our product/service better than anybody".   Sadly, that is not always the case.  In fact it usually spells disaster...or worse no mention at all.

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