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Radio...Right For Your Advertising?

Radio_old At one time RADIO was King!  There were only a few stations in a market and those radio stations were THE entertainment factor.  Advertising messages to the masses could be in newspapers, magazines or on the radio.  My how times have changed!

But, this isn't a history lesson.  We are asking the question, "Is radio advertising right for you?"  Some of you who know me also know I come from a broadcasting background and still host two radio shows here in the Des Moines market.  But, I'm going to try to give you an answer to our question that is, hopefully, without bias.

Radio_old_car Radio has changed and so has the feelings of many who, at one time, included radio in their media mix.  No longer do we have the "Easy Listening" station" where folks would advertise expensive jewelery or the "Top 40" station where you could hawk "pimple cream" and feel, in both cases, you were hitting the demographic that matched your product or service. 

Radio_new Today, radio has become so fragmented with so many stations playing a "variation" of some type of's just hard to know where to make the buy.  Oh, and yes, many stations still have "numbers" to show you from various surveys but is that the best guide?

I was recently in the office of a new client and the client, when we started to talk about radio, said "We don't use radio here.  It just doesn't do us any good."  And, I'll bet he was right.  But he was wrong about radio.

Using radio with a coordinated advertising plan, we believe, can make the difference between success and failure.  I can give you a quick example:

Several years ago a new client was considering getting out of a particular farm show.  They told us they simply did not have an active participation.  "Nobody there", I was told.  We knew that was not the we suggested an aggressive radio campaign just ahead and during the next years show.  It was a huge success.  Why?  Because we tailored the message to the show and to people who were already coming to the show. 

It's a much longer story...but the fact remains that, with a little help and understanding, radio can make success out of potential failure.  And the story above is just one of many, many examples we can site from our experience.   

The difference is that advertising agencies look to ALL forms of advertising and we're not "stuck" on one opinion.  Being stuck...and saying, "Radio doesn't work" is just not right.  But like any form of advertising the message needs to be targeted, direct and memorable.

Go ahead...give it a try...and if you would like some guidance.  We're always available.  Thanks for reading!  (And for listening here in the Des Moines market!)

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