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Sunday Morning Coffee

Rural Lifestyle Radio - Sunday Morning

Hwy61_image A quick reminder for those of you in the Des Moines, Iowa market - The rural lifestyle radio hour, Highway 6 - Your Road to the Country is on Sunday morning at 8am on 98.3 WOW - FM.

The show deals with news and issues and "how to" topics of interest to the thousands of folks in Central Iowa who live on 3 - 100 acres.  For a full review of the Sunday show, just click here.

Klinghoffer_book Sunday morning it's back to the First United Methodist Church here in Des Moines to lead an adult class about Orthodox Judaism - Practices and Faith.  Last week we had a great session and pleased to have been asked to come back for Round Two.  The text we'll reference this week is a wonderful book by David Klinghoffer, "Why the Jews Rejected Jesus".  An excellent read for committed Christians and Jews.  Here is an interview with Klinghoffer that pretty well describes the book and its contents.

More pet food recalled (click here for the story)...and now the FDA and USDA suspect the chemical melamine may have entered the Hogs human food supply through hog and chicken feed.  (More here.)We said at the very outset of this issue that it would deepen.  Each day brings to light a new and more troubling aspect of the problem.  In a rush to lower costs and inflate profits some suppliers have turned to sub-grade feed products that are imported without controls or testing.  At least that is our take on the issue.  Watch for more.

Again, for those of you in the Des Moines market...catch you on the radio Sunday morning at 8am.  Thanks for reading...enjoy the sunshine!  (here in Iowa that is...)

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