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Sunday Morning Coffee

Img_0199_t Hey, it's Sunday Morning...time to catch up with each other.  Sunday Morning is the time when we can pour a cup and sit down to reflect on so many things.  Some business, some personal.  Pull up a chair, pour a cup of Joe and let's visit.

I was so grateful to get home from Panama City Beach...22 or 23 hours of travel from there to Des Moines.  What a Monday!  Here is the story.

Panama_city_shul I had a real kick last Friday night in Panama City Beach!  I went to services at this little congregation run by Sonny Glass.  What a wonderful evening and a great story of his drive and desire to build a house of worship in his adopted city.  I was really moved.  Here is to all the folks who follow their dreams and make it happen.  Here is to Sonny Glass.  Oh yes...the photo is from the back end of the sign on the highway.  So....cool.  Click here to visit the site.

Hwy61_image_2 Seems that Meredith Publishing here in Iowa is finally getting around to a radio show about "ruralpolitians".  (A term that I created about twelve years ago in a radio interview in Evansville, Indiana.)  Ruralpolitians are those folks living on acreages but with one foot in the city.  News is that we have been doing a show about the rural lifestyle for nearly four months. It is called Highway 6- Your Road to the Country.  (Click here for info.)  If you would like to check out the DSM Register Story about their NEW venture..  Just click here. Hey...you want to hire me...

Kathy While in Panama City I visited with "Kathy".  I had been to The Boatyard (a restaurant) in February and she so impressed me with her dedication to customer service (We had a group of 130 people descend on her one evening) that I've talked about her passion to see to customer needs several times.  Well, I did not have a photo of Kathy....but went by her place last week....and had her smile for the photo.  Folks who DO GOOD WORK...need to be lifted up.

Frank_cownie The Mayor of the City of Des Moines (Frank Cownie) held a 20 mile bike ride to promote biking trails this past Saturday.  The event, started 20 years ago when we had about 3 miles of trails, by then Mayor John Pat Dorian has since swelled from a couple of hundred riders to nearly 1,000.  It's all about raising money for the series of trails that are all over the city and for future trails all across the metro.  Here are a couple of shots from the lunch and the festivities held at the "end of the ride".  Great day...great project..thanks Frank..and thanks Pat for your vision!

Mayers_bike_ride_food Mayers_bike_ride_music

Take that Bob Schnell of FEMA...it is a public joke!

First_umc_dsm Finally this weekend take me to the First United Methodist Church here in Des Moines for a speaking engagement planned by my dear friend John Courter who was a wonderful fund raiser for Wesley Retirement Services some 15 years ago.  My..how far we've come!  I get to speak there this Sunday and next.  If you are in the area...hope to see you there both events take place at 9am.

Whew...you tired yet?  Lots of stuff...and just trying to keep everybody in the loop.  Thanks for reading and being involved.

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