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Sunday Morning Coffee

Coffee_cu_ps Let's catch up a bit...Sunday...a great day to kick back with a "Cup of Joe" and visit about the week and our hopes for the week to come.  Let's get it started...

For those of you who like to keep up with the radio show, Highway 6 - Your Road to the Country we've got a report on this morning's show...if you click right here.  Great information about the meat goat industry and the people who are working it.

First_umc_dsm Sticking with agriculture for a moment...  I had the opportunity to speak this morning to members of the First United Methodist Church here in Des Moines on issues of Orthodox Jewish practices and a book by David Klinghoffer.  Prior to my talk I was able to catch the final ten minutes of a video that deals with the 2007 Farm Bill.  The films message centered on the way in which the government subsidizes farmers.  And this practice needs to be changed in an effort to boost the rural population and assist in supporting "family farms".  It was an interesting discussion from a social point of view.  The reality is there are very few small family farms where farming is the sole income stream.  Will changing the 2007 Farm Bill to make it more fair for small farmers change that reality?

Ethanol_plant So, who is investing in the Iowa ethanol plants that are popping up faster than spring dandelions?  There is a wonderful article in today's Sunday Des Moines Register that helps answer that question.  Worth a read and you can see it if you click here.

Mouse_hand Tomorrow (Monday) I'll be writing about a case history of how a client of ours has doubled their website three months.  Thousands, rather than hundreds, now visit their site.  It's a great story for those of you seeking help in getting noticed...and found on the Internet.

Stars_faceoff My Iowa Stars (hockey) won the first divisional playoffs Saturday night beating AHL Western Division leaders the Omaha Knights!  Yes!!  The score was 5 - 2 and the crowd was electric.  The Iowa Stars have been in existence for two years and have reached the divisional playoffs both years.  Last year we lost the seventh game of the first round to Milwaukee.  We now move on in the contest to face the Chicago Wolves in a best of seven game second round series that starts in Chicago this Wednesday...go Stars!

Short Sunday Coffee Post....cause I gotta get out and enjoy the weather.  Something about a 20 mile bike ride in my future.  Thanks for reading!

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