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Writer's Block?

Blank_book No...this is NOT a post about having trouble finding something to write about.  (So many things happen in the span of 24 hours in advertising and marketing that I often have a problem sorting "which" issue to write about!)  No...this is about the block some folks have when it comes to web publishing.

I have a good friend, John Benage, who is a writer, and lives in San Antonio.  John_benage He sent me an e-mail the other day saying his "agent" is not moving fast enough on the second edition of his novel "Oak Grove".  He told me his agent wants him to have a personal website, "So publishers can see his work and consider his talent."  His agent is happy to produce a one page website...for $195.

A couple of things...

Oak_grove_book "Oak Grove" is a delightful first novel filled with the romantic notions of growing up on a small acreage in western Missouri.  Yes, there really is an Oak Grove, Missouri but the story is mostly fictional and set in the 1950's.  Really, for those of us who love that lifestyle it is a great read and you can buy the book at most major book stores or go to you can visit if you click here.

(This just in....John will be my guest on our Rural Lifestyle Radio Show on Sunday the 22nd!  8am on 98.3 WOW-FM here in the Des Moines Market.  To read more about this show...just click here.)

$195 for a one page website?  To do what exactly????  I visited with John and encouraged him to consider writing a BLOG over a static web-page.  Reasons:

  • An Internet published article has more "life" than a static site.
  • A web based published piece can direct interested individuals to actually BUY the book.
  • A web based published piece can REALLY showcase a writers talent...and do so...ongoing.
  • A web based published piece can engage the readers in a way that no static web page can do...period.  Remember..CONVERSATION!
  • Web based publishing allows you to BE FOUND.
  • Finally, talk about a great way to collect thoughts and ideas for the next big novel!

Zx2 So, I'm driving and talking (about 100 mouth not Big Red!) and when I stop and take a breath I hear my friend say, "A Blog huh?"  In sort a dismissive way.  I then remind him of my friend from Chicago, Liz Strauss who is a full time writer and web publishing professional and said to him. "Go ahead, Google author and hit the Blog will be astounded at the number of writers that also are published on-line."

Shutterstock_2300100_amen Once again I was sounding like the Sunday Preacher from the First Amalgamated Church of the Divine Blog.  Can I get an Amen?  But, I actually believe this method will make a big difference in his ability to reach out to a broad public like nothing he has done to this point.  So, you dropping dollars in the plate?  Are you on your feet clapping? I full of hot air?

Thanks for reading...

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