Selling Hockey - Like Selling Seed Corn
Good Stuff Takes Time

Give a Little - Get a Bunch

Give_and_take Yesterday we published a short piece about the changes our Des Moines, Iowa AHL hockey team (Iowa Stars) might consider as they attempt to better market themselves to Iowans.  At the end of the piece we listed four "truths" that any business could or should follow to get noticed and drive business.  They were:

  • Know Your Target Audience
  • Partner with Success
  • Create or Invent a Reason to Buy
  • Passion for the Product

Art Dinkin, a regular reader (Here is his Blog) asked me to build a bit on the "partner" aspect.  Sure...

In The Stars case it is pretty simple...they just need to become very visible at existing large events they may not (today) see as important partners.  The old advice: "Nothing breeds success, like success." 

Give_rose_woman Art's question, I think, had more to do with how to reach out and then get noticed.  For him and for you, there are dozens of successful events and programs hungry for your leadership and vision.  The list gets pretty long when you consider your house of worship, fund raising groups, professional groups, civic groups...each one begging for help.  You just could be the person who propels the mission to further heights.  In doing so...folks notice and, once again...success follows success.

But, a word of must be passionate about the effort.  If not, you are wasting your time and you'll get zero in return.  So make the choice carefully and while you are doing good treat the effort as a business investment.  It will pay off...

So, what do you think?