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Good Stuff Takes Time

Time The other day we were approached by a perspective new client who asked us if we could do a design project for them.  The quick answer is "Yes!" but we always ask for more information...

Turns out that the business wanted a number of things, not just one project.  All of the items could be done but then we got the "rest of the story":

"We'd like to be able to get all this done by the first week of June."

  Woman_shock We sat at the table a little stunned.  You see, the business in question wanted a new video presentation, a thirty-second television ad, a new logo design and several new brochures that would support their new message and image.  I broke the ice and asked, "First week of June 2008?"

Maybe there is somebody out there that can make this happen...we can't.  To put icing on the cake...the entire process had to be approved by a committee of their Board of Trustees.  In other words:  "Ain't No Way!"

Believe's not that we are THAT's just that the "creative process" takes much longer...  Much, much longer.

Mcdonald_logo Consider this:  When McDonald's announces a new "Value Meal" or a new addition to their menu that product and all the creative work took months and months.  A friend of mine Sam Soifer who owns several restaurants once told me the process can be nearly a year.  And, that's with a company that is used to "fast change".

And cost?  That is always dependent on the amount of time.  Rarely do we "hit"on the very first attempt.  In fact, our style is to prepare several "looks" to our client and then carefully review each for how they match the real or perceived needs of the market strategy.

Anyway, we thought we might write a short piece on may help all of us look at things more realistically.

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