Making Any Changes? You Should!
Shhhhh...Keep This Between Us!

I'm The One...Blame Me!

Millie This is "Millie" the vehicle I use for Insight Advertising, Marketing and Communications.  I just wanted you to get a look at her because she'll be going much slower in don't hit her or give me the single finger salute...

Actually, I should have gotten a good photo of the rear of "Millie" because if you live in Des Moines and you see somebody traveling BELOW the speed'll be me.

This is called, taking control and not waiting for others, like the government, to come to my rescue...they are it's up to me.

Gas_sign_329 This is why I've come to the realization that in town I'll drive no faster than 30mph.  On the highway no faster than 55mph.  A week ago the cost of a gallon of gas was $2.95.  Today, as you can see it's up to $3.29 and projected to go higher by the weekend.  (By the way..the reason AAA says it is going higher...ready for this...this is sooooo inventive that I'm holding you in suspense for a moment longer.)   The reason AAA says the price of gas has gone up is because, " stays light too long"!  I am NOT making this up.  Now it's God's fault!   I figure that if God is now involved in setting gas prices I need to change my ways.  So, I'm done...finished...kaput!   And where possible...out comes my other method of transportation...

Billie Meet "Billie"! (Goofy name...but work with me here!)  "Billie is now the vehicle of choice to go to the post office, bank, and a host of locations all within a couple of miles.

If the travel is less than a couple of miles...I have another alternative mode of travel:

Willie Meet "Willie"...yep, I'm walking!

With fuel prices on the increase and two things are certain.  1) We've got to come up with more inventive excuses and 2) We predict that soon it will look more like Taipei around here than Des the way:  You making any changes in your travel methods?  If so, we'd like to hear from you.  We've got readers all over the country so we're honestly interested in your take.

Taipei_street By the way, this is what it looks like in Taipei...just in case you were wondering.

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