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Making Any Changes? You Should!

Business_man_remote There are some shocking numbers out there suggesting that the public, in general, is very, very skeptical about what they are told and about the future.

The Associated Press story which appears in the Monday Edition of The Des Moines Register (Page 2 or click here for the article.) indicates the mood in this country...is NOT GOOD.

So, what's this got to do with you and your business?  In a word:  Everything!

Now might just be the right time to gather your marketing people together and really examine your advertising and public relations efforts.  Look at the message you are sending out and ask yourself if it is believable and creditable.

According to the story Americans are looking for "leadership".  The stretch from that quest to a creditable sales and marketing message is not very big. 

Look at what you are projecting...are you over promising, offering something that seems too good to be true or using words and phrases that (in another time) might have worked but now can raise the level of skepticism for your target demographic?

Now...there is another thought:  Because people are SO hungry for answers and leadership they just may buy any message that even remotely sounds good.  Gosh!  I think we're on to something...

The problem is...we don't do political marketing.

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