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Shhhhh...Keep This Between Us!

Dsm_fireworks Well, not really!  It seems like Des Moines, Iowa continues to celebrate getting noticed by the rest of the country.  So, we thought we'd help spread the word.

When we moved our offices to Des Moines a little over three years ago we did so because we believed it would be a positive move for not only business but also our quality of life.  And we were so right.

Forbes_logo A couple of weeks ago we reported to you that FORBES had Des Moines listed as the fourth best city in the nation for business and careers.  (Go ahead, have a look and go to FORBES by clicking here...we'll wait!)

Old News?

How about this:  The Urban Land Institute listed Des Moines in the Top 10 Turnarounds in their April - 2007 Issue.  Here is what the article by Ron Nyren said:

Mayers_bike_ride_music "After decades of decline, American downtowns are back - and not by accident.  Ten cities illustrate downtown revival that came about by popular demand.  A vision plan developed during the early 1990's established an initial blueprint for downtown Des Moines's revival, and in 1995 business leaders created the Downtown Partnership, now called the Downtown Community Alliance.  The results include cultural, entertainment and sports attractions; the new central branch of the public library, the 17,000 seat Iowa Events Center and the 110,000 square-foot Science center of Iowa museum all of which opened in the last two years."

East_village_dsm "The downtown continues to add hundreds of housing units each year, and the pedestrian-friendly East Village neighborhood hosts a thriving nightlife, with restored historic buildings and retail and restaurants pitched to a young, creative crowd.  Currently underway is the Principal Riverwalk, a 1.2-mile series of landscaped walking paths and bridges linking downtown from east to west, designed to tie the new developments together."

All of this and a fifteen-minute commute.  This is great, thanks Des Moines!

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