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What Happened to the Week?

Man_gun_or_noose I don't know...maybe we should have Congress pass a law that says we can only celebrate holidays on Sunday!  Four day work weeks are killing me...

Not sure what the heck happened but it is Thursday morning already and I've got three days of work to accomplish before tomorrow.

You know, I have this formula about the work week...I once worked in the "corporate world" and I came to believe there are really only two working days in the week.  Ready?

Monday - Nobody works on Monday.  Why?  Most folks are reviewing their Saturday and Sunday adventures with co-workers.  Monday is shot.

Tuesday - Nobody works Tuesday morning.  Most folks are fretting about having missed all day on Monday so work "really" doesn't start until Tuesday afternoon.

Wednesday - Is a solid work day.  Unless you are a Church Elder and have a program to create before services.  (Do churches still meet on Wednesday night like they once did?  I may be showing my age again.)

Thursday - Corporate America works on Thursday MORNING.  But don't expect much on Thursday afternoon..."Hey, we've got a weekend to plan for!"

Friday - I HATE "Casual Friday".  I've been to offices where the staff on Friday looks more like "Jimmy Buffett Rejects" than business folks. just promotes the whole idea that..."Hey, we have a weekend to plan for...and it starts today!"

There you go...Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday and Thursday morning...Two Working Days each week.

Excuse me...I've got to get back at it...

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