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Can You "Speed Network" At My Age?

Speed_networking_2 So, I get this call from Adam Steen who tells me he wants me to participate in a "Speed Networking" session at Wine Styles in West Glen.  (Thanks to Andrea McGinness and her great shop!)  I ask Adam if it has anything to do with physical activity that would cause me any pain and he assures me it's simply an opportunity to meet some bright energitic folks who have business and professional needs and match them up to some of us that have been around for awhile (read..."old" here).

Wednesday evening we did some "Speed Business Networking" (five minutes with each particpant) and it was a great time.  I met some fantastic folks that I now get to introduct to you:

Minna Minna Khounlo is a graphic designer and owns Fugee Design & Marketing.  And, also involved with an upcoming Scrapbooking Expo!  What a fun conversation about our business and hers.

Amanda Brend now has her dream job with ITA Group.  She's fun, motivated and energitic about her work.  That was very refreshing!

Speed_network_1Anthony Marinaro is an event planner/manager with a new compay Out of Box.  His need is to hire some folks so he can get out of the kitchen and into the world.  Know any excellent chef types who enjoy creating a top notch event?

Katebw1 Kate Klein was electric.  If there was ever somebody that is destined to do great things it is Kate.  "Design on a dime...Fashion on a shoestring".  Too cool.

Amy Day is the corporate relations specialist from Simpson College Adult Learning who is trying to get some folks there to understand the power of the Business Blog.  Delightful!

Speed_networking_3 Mitch Mathews of "DoYouQ?".  Mitch has more energy than wonder he partnered with Adam, Tom and Hannah Steen to pilot this adventure.

Jenni Pullen who is an account manager for Adecco of Des Moines came by my table for a visit and it was a good meeting for both of us!  I made a recommendation just this morning on her behalf.

I did meet a number of other folks but, sadly they had no business cards...and I wasn't writing.  (Note to folks wanting to succeed...get some cards.  Us "old folk" can't always remember important stuff like who you are and what you do.)

Final word:  It was so cool to meet so many people who read our daily Advertising, Marketing & Communications business blog.  Well over half the folks I visited with are regular readers and had some great comments.  They usually started out with, "Gosh, you look familiar.  (I hand them my card.) OH!  You're THAT GUY!  I read your blog all the time."  I was humbled.  Thanks.

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