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Does Your Customer Service Stink?

Nose_dog If it does...congratulations!!  You are among the majority!  Pretty Sad huh?

I was reading a piece the other day that claimed on-line customer service responsiveness has declined annually since 2002.

"No way!"  Was my response.  With more and more people using e-mail as their preferred method of communication and with the dozens and dozens of Quality Assurance seminars being done.  Truly there must be a mistake in the survey.


The Hornstein Associates annual e-mail responsiveness survey continues to show declines in customer service responses.  In fact, only 33% of companies respond to their customers within a 24 hour period.  And what is worse only 51% of the companies responded in ANY time period at all! 

It's no wonder then when a company actually DOES RESPOND in a timely manner we are shocked.

The report has this quote:  "Based on the dismal results of this year's survey, I think that the operable phrase is - It would be a great business if it weren't for all those annoying customers.  And, it begs an important question - how responsive is your company?"


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