Nice To Have Somebody Watching Your Back
Rural Lifestyle Radio - June 24, 2007

Our "Village" Found Its "Idiot"...

Village_idiotThis week his name is Marc Nicola of Angelo's Pizza of Des Moines  and Urbandale.  Webster defines "idiot" as "An utterly foolish or senseless person".  It seems to fit in this case.  I don't know Mr. Nicola but I'll introduce you to him.

But before we start, part of our job as an advertising and marketing agency is to help our clients from making themselves targets.  Angelo's Pizza is not a client.  But they should be.

Recently there was an article in an "alternative" newspaper here in Des Moines.  The paper, "Cityview" mentioned Mr. Nicola's restaurant  and that there is on the menu an item called the "Illinois Nazi".  Go ahead read the article...we've got time.

In short, the reviewer, Jim Duncan, said that to: 1) Have an item on the menu that was "baked in an oven" and had the Nazi name attached to it was a bit shocking and, 2) the response of Mr. Nicola to an article in the Des Moines Jewish Press which raised concerns about the name lacked an understanding of a horrific event (The Holocaust) and that Mr. Nicola dismissed it because, " It happened 60 years ago and people should just get over it" was a little over the top.  That is the "short" of the April 12, 2007 food review.  If you would like to read the entire article go ahead...we've got time.

Then our Idiot, Mr. Nicola, fires a back a letter to Cityview. Saying that this menu item has been around for, "almost thirty years" and that it was named for, "two fictional characters in the movie The Blues Brothers".  To my knowledge the resturant does not have a "movie theme" and I didn't remember any "two characters" being named the "Illinois Nazi's".  So, I checked out the script from the movie...and you can too. far we can forgive our Idiot.  He just may not know and besides, the story has been passed down from Idiot to Idiot for nearly thirty years.  It's Oral Tradition by now.

Nazi_deathcamppic However then he goes one step further and writes.  (Are you ready for this?)  "Quit trying to read into something that isn't there.  If it makes you feel better, look at it this way - this time the Nazi is going into the oven."

This now becomes the damning statement.

Segregation Gee...Mr. Nicola...why not come out with the "Segregation Sandwich"...I'm sure we can help you figure out some historic references that might help you market  the tender "white meat".  On second thought...forget it.  Nobody would "get it". And, it would be disgusting!

Oh, in case you think we are holding this up because of some "Jewish Issue" you need to know that even the German Consul, Mark Schlenker was offended by the use of the word "sauerkraut" even being teamed up with the word "Nazi". 

It's just stupid and poor Mr. Nicola.  He has no clue.

Tell you what "Pizzoni".  It's people like you that give folks like us hope.  We've said many times that in every village, there is somebody who needs some help in their public relations efforts.  Thanks for proving our point.

Michael P. Libbie - Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications where we like to think that Urbandale and Des Moines might not "cotton" to idiots.