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Photos...You've Got Photos?

Steincamp_river_out_of_water Last week we traveled to Missouri to do a photo shoot for a client.  (Yes, we do that too...)  It was a great trip and we made some new friends along the way.  If you don't mind...we'll share a couple of photos and a short story about the effort.

This is a shot of River taken last week during our shoot at Castile Creek Kennels.  She's seven years old and can work for hours.

Our client is Country Vet Pet Foods and one of the spokespersons for the company is breeder/trainer Lyle Steinman.  Lyle and his wife Debbie were super hosts and the hours we spent with them, working the dogs and getting the shots, was well worth the 2.5 hour drive south.

Steincamp_sending_river During our time at Castile Creek Kennels we shot over 350 photos just to get six to eight we could use.  OK...maybe more but the point is when you're doing this type of work getting "the right shot" takes time. 

In addition we were fighting rain and wind that did a number on our reflectors and equipment.  But, the end result was great.

Thanks Lyle, Debbie, Amanda, Mike and...I think Josh.  It was a wonderful experience and we can attest to the fact that Lyle Stienman is quite the competitor...but so are his dogs.

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