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So, How Is Your PR Campaign Going?

Man_shock Somebody asked me one day, "Where in the world do you get all this material to BLOG about?  Is there really that much going on?"


And what is way cool is...I couldn't, even if I tried, make up stories like this. 

Today's story is about making sure your public relations campaign and your marketing campaign and the people that you hire...or don't hire...are in sync.

In the Des Moines Register this morning there was an article about a woman who appeared in a direct mail piece promoting a local option sales tax increase of one penny.  The campaign is called "Project Destiny".  As you can imagine there are two sides of the argument and it's causing a big stir in the area.

Woman_tax Donna Lockwood is prominent in the four color piece and says: "I'm voting YES to Destiny so I can pay lower property taxes."  The problem is...she does not own any property.  She does not pay property taxes.  This is the second direct mail piece done by "Project Destiny" and the second to bomb.

In the first flyer, sent to homes, said, "...tell the politicians to cut your property taxes."  The mailing never said anything about the increase in sales tax.  Opps.

I called the Project Destiny folks and asked if they were using an ad agency or if it was in house.  Jay Byers wrote back and said they are using Link Strategies, LLC and StrataVizion Consulting Group. (I couldn't find a website for "StrataVizion"...But, if you Google the name...they are VERY busy people.)

Somebody must be sleeping.  Or worse...just being stupid.

So, let's get back to YOU!  Who is looking out after YOUR public relations and marketing?  Is everybody in sync?  Are you being honest with your target market?  Are you sure?

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