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Too Much Business?

Empty_meeting_room This past week we answered a request for a proposal for marketing and advertising services.  From the sound of things...we were the only agency to do so.

It was a "no show" for the others...why?

On reflection I think there were a couple of reasons...and it was not that everybody is too busy.  I think it was because the perspective client really didn't know what they wanted.  Or, if they did, they just didn't know how to make the request.  So, in the interest of helping folks who are seeking professional advertising and marketing services I'll offer a couple of tips.

  • Clearly State the Objectives:  In other words, let the agency know exactly what you want, in detail.  If you don't know what you want...say so.  If the agency really wants the business, they will help you figure it out.  Honest, that is what we do every day.
  • Be Realistic:  Asking for pricing without giving the agency some direction is counter productive.  If your project budget is $10,000 say so.  If you don't really know...ask.  We can offer some round numbers but be prepared for some "sticker shock".  Doing good, no...excellent, work takes time.
  • Be Honest:  Look, if you are "shopping" say so.  We understand.  We do it all the time.  But remember you're not buying a used car.  You are buying an image, a brand, a message.  There is something you want in return for that image, brand or  "It takes money to make money."

That's the short list.  Oh...and when an agency calls and says, "Got your letter, what's your budget?"  Don't be too offended if you tell them but never hear from them again.  Some folks out there really do have too much business.  We don't...

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