"So, How Long Will This Take?"
You Really Don't Believe Do You?

Volunteer A Little...

Volunteer20graphic The clock is still running...   We track just about every minute of work we do here at the agency.  It's how we make a living.  So it was a little surprising when we checked the amount of time we are spending on a volunteer project for a non-profit here in Des Moines.

The clock is still ticking...meaning we're still not finished.  But, I can tell you that over the past three days.  We've logged over 55 hours on this one project.

Nope, not bragging...just an observation.  Someday we'll gather up the data and see how much time each of us, here at the office, volunteers for organizations and groups.  I'll bet we would be stunned.

I'd be interested...what amount of time do you think is a "fair share" to give back to your community and the organizations that need so much help?

Go ahead...let us know, we really are interested!

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