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You Really Don't Believe Do You?

Paris_hilton_jail Sometimes we just expect it.  Ms. Hilton spends three days of her already reduced sentence of 23 days in jail...and she's out.  Even though the judge said she would not receive any further reductions...none of us were surprised.

So, what in the world has this got to do with advertising, marketing and public relations?  It is all about creditability.

We live in a world of lies...it's just that simple.  Nobody seems to demand creditability in anything.  And, frankly we've become so used to it we almost expect to be lied to. 

Here is your question of the day:  When you advertise your product or service...are you being honest?  Or do you use "loss leaders", inflated promises and promises of low, low prices only having to then come back and fill the back end of the radio or TV ad with loads of "disclaimers"?

Really, other than what your spouse says...(well sometimes) do you really believe anything you see or hear?  Like I just wrote...we've come to expect it.

On the radio right now is a nationally syndicated show featuring our friend from Sikeston, MO.  I don't really believe anything he says...it's just entertainment.

Elected officials, we expect, to tell stories...hey, it's politics.

Premium dog food...ends up being made in the same plant, in the same way, as the stuff you get from low end "discount" stores.

"Ethanol is the answer!"  Meanwhile nobody addresses the damage corn on corn production can do the the soil much less talk about how ethanol plants use excessive amounts of water.

And don't get me started on international politics and the Middle East...that is just wacky with disinformation.

So, it comes down to our use of advertising, marketing and public relations.  Sometimes we are the ones that reduce believability because the claims we make are just too outlandish.

Hey, thanks for letting me rant for a moment.  But this is a set up for our next post:  "Truth in Advertising".  We'll give you a real world example about how it worked for us...it's a great story...come back.

P.S.  I wonder if she had her mug shot retouched?  Amazing...

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