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If ONLY We Ran Our Business PR Like This...

Urbandale_chamber Last week I crossed off another item on my "To Do List".  For nearly three years we've intended to join the local Urbandale Chamber of Commerce.  (Voted the 39th Best Place to Live in the United States!) So far so good.  So good in fact that there is a lesson here for your business.

Chamber functions are not new to us.  Been there, done that. So, I had this pre-conceived notion about "The Chamber".  But, we joined anyway.

That was Wednesday.

Dsc02581 Since Wednesday, at noon, I've received several e-mail notes from other members, all saying "Welcome".  There have been three phone calls to the office by members of the Board and no fewer than five notes from Tiffany Menke, Urbandale Chamber Executive Director.

Ahhhhh....  OK, I realize all of this does not just happen and the "gushing" is not just because our business is wonderful and they are ALL so glad we joined.  It is a coordinated mission of welcoming a new member...or new customer.  And it is worth mention.

So, who on your staff (should be you!) is leading the charge to make welcome your new customers?   The real question here is, "Do you have a coordinated plan of action to make your customers or clients feel welcome and special?"

Remember, people have many choices...what sets your company apart from the rest?

Nice going Urbandale Chamber...

PROGRAM NOTE!  (For those of you in the Des Moines, Iowa area.)

Katebw1 This Sunday on our rural lifestyle radio show, "Highway 6 - Y our Road to the Country", our guest will be Kate Klein.   We first met Kate several weeks ago at a "speed networking" event and were impressed with not only her personality but also her business.  So...Sunday morning at 8 listen in. We're on 98.3 WOW-FM.

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