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Magazine Ad Placement - Front or Back?

Chubby_016_2 Look, nobody really cares about magazine ad I thought I'd send you a photo of me and my friend.  OK, OK...she is Catharina Evans Miss World from 1962!  And, she is also Chubby Checker's wife since 1964.  Thanks for the photo Chubby!

Hey, I thought I'd "dress up" a business blog on marketing and advertising!  (And do a little name dropping...)

Enough fun...let's get to it.

So, when was the last time somebody called your office and tried to sell you "position" in a magazine.

Img_2759_customer_service The nearly breathless sales call goes something like this:  "Hello, Michael?  Thanks for taking my call!  Look, we just happen to have page three of our magazine open.  Yes, right hand position and up in the front of the book.  It would be a great position for your client!  Usually this spot goes for $15,000 but we just had a cancellation and we can get it to you for $9,000.  What do you say?"

Now...the moment of admitting "Cat" is Chubby's wife!

Do I rush to buy the ad? I ask:  "So, what is the matter with page 83 where we purchased an ad for $4,500?"

(Breathless answer):  Oh...well, more people read the ads in the first part of the magazine.  It's a better position."


In a study by READEX Research, people were asked to indicate which ads they remembered reading.  The scores from 3,105 one page full color ads show that readers are no more likely to read an ad in the front of the publication than they are to read one in the back!

What is the difference between remembering and forgetting?  The creative nature of the ad. 

Doubt me?

Chubby_016_3 OK...try this...what is the name of the woman whom I am "cheek to cheek" with?  (No looking back!)  Would it have mattered if I posted that photo here? Or at the front of the article?'s the creative that matters....not the placement.  Besides, I couldn't resist posting the photo again!

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