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Selling GM via Transformers? Oh my....

Gm_hq_detroit We've got a pretty "small potatoes" advertising agency.  We couldn't afford the rent in just one of the offices here at the GM Headquarters in Detroit. 

But, we think we have some common sense...maybe?

So, that's why a recent story out of Detroit caught our eye. 

According to the article GM is betting HUGE sums of money on product placement in the movie "Transformers"  hoping it will transform  sluggish sales among 18 to 34 year old consumers.

Will spending "millions" on "Transformers" tie-ins work?


One thing is certain, you can't step anywhere in a GM showroom and not be "run over" with the images.

In the movie the Camaro, Pontiac Solstice, GMC TopKick (truck) and the Hummer H2 are the "actors".

Here is the's all substance.  Maybe if you are 27 years old you don't care about substance.  Maybe.  But, if you are 35...will you really purchase a car based on a cartoon?  We don't think so.  But, when you're looking for an answer...any answer...because your industry has failed the consumer.  You'll even bet on cartoons.

Maybe their marketing team knows more than we do.  Maybe.  But, if you are in the business of trying to capture your target market one of the very best things you can produce is a solid "reason" to buy.  And, follow that up with quality.

We'll watch this...should be fun.

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