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The Market at Jordan Creek

Majc About a week ago there was an article about this high end grocery store called The Market at Jordan Creek.  The headline was not encouraging.  Seems that after four months in operation the owners are considering closing "the struggling market".

My friend, Doug Mitchell already did a short piece on this and his insight is worth a read.

I'm not wanting to "pile on".  My job is to offer another question.  Do you really think the folks that are being targeted to shop at this "high end grocery store" really have the cash to spend on specialty items? And, the second question...are there enough of them?

It's an honest set of questions.

Majc2 Over the past six months two "up scale" wine shops have closed.  Victim, it seems, to poor management...not experience or desire.  But, here again we've got to ask the question, "How many upscale wine shops can a metro area of 500,000 have?  Especially when now even the supermarkets and Target have better products and produce on their shelves than they had ten years ago.

In his post, Doug has a solid suggestion to help pull out the people and get them to this market.  I'm all for it...and hope it works.  But, you've got to wonder if the ground work was done in the beginning. 

Frankly, I know plenty of "upscale folks" who might shop at this store...but are struggling to make the payments on their 5,000 square foot house and the two BMW's in the garage.  Bet they buy their wine and produce at Target...

The reality is no matter if you are selling farm equipment or $75 bottles of can never do enough advance work to make sure what you have...people can/will buy.

Michael P. Libbie - Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications where we've actually seen $75 bottles of wine., we didn't make the buy.