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Water An Issue In Iowa? We Told You...

Ethanol_plant Several times in fact.  On one of our very first rural lifestyle radio shows back in January we had Lyle Asell from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources on.  He went into great detail regarding not only the QUALITY of water in Iowa but also his concern regarding the QUANTITY of water due to ethanol production.

We also blogged about this very issue, but some of you may not have seen it.  (Maybe because we started out with a Paris Hilton photo...many seem to get sidetracked when they see her.)

Today in the Des Moines Register...smack on the front page was a story about water concerns...because of ethanol production.

Are you feeling a breeze?  If so, it may be the result of you wearing the Emperor's New Clothes.  (Thanks for the line Mike Sansone!)  In other words...nobody can dare come out with these questions...because corn is the new gold for agriculture.

We brought this issue before the Iowa Corn Board several months ago at a chapter meeting of the National Agri-Marketers Association.  They told us it was not an issue.  Really?

Issue or not the urban rumblings are there.  Remember...there are more urban dwellers than corn producers.  And, because perception can become reality, the Ethanol Industry better get on top of

Oh, and turf professionals and golf course owners and listening?

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