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Does The Image REALLY Matter?

Charles_shaw You are really going to like this one...  It's an interesting story about consumers and how they react to image as reported by Science Daily.

According to a Cornell University study released last week, the simple changing of a wine label increased the consumers positive dining experience AND resulted in a diner being more likely to book a return reservation to the restaurant.

Forty-one diners at a restaurant in Urbana, Illinois were offered a free glass of Cabernet Sauvignon with their up-scale meal. Half of the wine was poured from a bottle that was labeled, "Noah's Winery of California" while the other half was poured from a bottle labeled "Noah's Winery of North Dakota".

Those folks who were drinking the "California" wine rated the wine AND the food as tasting better.  They ate 11% more of their food and were more likely to book a return reservation.

Chuck_wine The kicker?  The wine was the same.  An inexpensive wine, in the $2 a bottle price range, from Charles Shaw.  All that was different...was the label.

It was all about expectations.  But in this study it was a "triple whammy" of sorts.  Not only was the "North Dakota" wine disliked more but so too was the food and the consumers were less likely to come back to the restaurant.

As a business owner...are you paying attention to things like "image" and "perceived image"?  Think your "logo" doesn't matter...or your business cards, letter head or website won't make a difference?  How about your print advertising message...does it drive folks to you...or away?

What does your label say?

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