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Georgie This is Georgie Pease.  She works here and does all kinds of projects.  She is a writer (published), she does photography (published) and she is also a key figure in a two year old campaign that has helped a client boost sales to record numbers.


Here's the quick story:

Three years ago at a marketing meeting for Calcium Products (a great company that has several fantastic agricultural inputs.) we hit on the idea to brand the company using the idea of a "Crop Menu".

(Note:  A "crop menu" is a recommendation on seed, fertilizer, etc. that is created by a dealer or agronomist for a farmer.)

Calciumproductscropmenu2 Our first attempt was an actual "menu" that, inside, talked about all the great things these products do for the farmer.  It even had the coffee stains inside and out.  (Thanks Aaron!) 

Different?  Yep.  Creative?  Yes.  Get noticed?  You bet.

While this was a great introduction we needed more.  We wanted to personalize the campaign.  Georgie became "Flo".  It was her job to be the visual of the "Calcium Products Cafe", voice the radio ads and greet farmers at "farm shows".


Does good creative work?  Yes.  So does branding.  Take a look:

Cp_spending_more_for_less Cp_you_want_fuel_savings

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