Does The Image REALLY Matter?
Knowing What You Are Buying...Helps.

It Must Be That Time...

Blank_book It's a day or so after the Iowa State Fair, a couple of days before school starts here in Des Moines and people are already planning for 2008.  That is a good sign.

Maybe it's something we said...or wrote.  Because we've been getting lots of calls over the past couple of days from clients and perspective clients asking about the future.

No, we don't predict the future...we do help you plan for it.

There is a blank book in front of you as we are about to finish the third quarter.  Companies are wanting to fill those pages with success and some are realizing that success comes with proper planning.

Man_what Now is the time to start forecasting your marketing and advertising position for next year.  What went right so far?  What was way off the mark?  What can you do to give your product or service a face lift?  Where will you go for new customers...some you've never even considered as even being customers?

Now is the time to take time and ask yourself some key questions.

Michael P. Libbie - Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications where we're also doing the asking