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No, his name is not Art.  This is Michael Holmes of Des Moines with a couple of original paintings he did for us.  Michael, who works at Wells Fargo, is an accomplished artist whom we met several months ago. 

We wanted some "Tuscany Trees".  Something that he had never done.  It was, frankly, our first commission and his first "Tuscany Tree".  We think he did an amazing job without losing his style. But that is not the story.  The real story is how a new idea made a big difference.  And, it's something others might learn from.

Michael_holmes_5 An artist doesn't create things for the masses.  No doubt some of you are looking at these paintings and saying to your self, "No thanks, not for me."  Others see the beauty.   Marketing art is so much different than marketing consumable items like farm machinery, trucks, dog food or memberships. 

It's all personal.

Remember when your company started?  You made the decisions.  You marketed your products or services door to door if necessary.  You picked the colors, hired the workers and paid the bills.  You.

Michael_holmes_6 And, as time went on, you began giving control to others in your outfit.  A little at first.  And, then a little more.  Now you look at the numbers and try to gage the market through the eyes of others.

So, are things going OK.  Or is it time to get back in the game?  Time to find a fresh, new image?  Time to try something new? 

Here is the fun part of the Michael Holmes story:  Just last week, before we had even seen the work, Michael took these two paintings to a well known and exciting art gallery here in Des Moines.  The owner "went nuts" and has asked Michael to create a whole new collection, based on this idea, and invited him to display "front and center". 

It's a huge break and we're glad we were part of the discovery.  All it took was a fresh suggestion and the artist did the rest.

Is it time for you to paint your own "Tuscany Trees"?

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