"So, What Do You Think?"
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Capture Your IDEAS!!!

Ideas_shower I have to pass this along to you...hey who said business blogging isn't full of great thoughts?

Not sure about you and your day...but with me the most creative moments are early in the morning...in the shower!  DO NOT EVEN GO THERE!!!  It is not a pretty sight.

It is, however, the only time when the phone isn't ringing, I'm not reading something, the e-mail isn't coming in and the door isn't swinging open.  (Good thing too.)

It's not uncommon to have five or six client ideas pop into my head...but remembering them all was a chore. 

Answer:  I put up a dry erase board in the shower!  Steam does not seem to effect it...and hey...the ideas stick around.

Ideas_shower_kunta If I get really stuck on a project I'll invite Kunta, the "brains" of the outfit, in to help.  At least he "wolf whistles" and says, "Good Boy!"  I thought so too...

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