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Lots Of People "Talk About It"...We Know It!

Hwy61_image_3 I guess that if I received a dime for every time I've been at a seminar and been forced to listen to folks "try" to explain the rural lifestyle...I'd retire from our advertising agency.

It happens all the time.  An editor from a "farm magazine" or a broadcaster from a "farm radio station" or a marketing guy from a "farm equipment company" stands in front of a room full of marketing and advertising types and tells them about the "rural lifestyle market".

But, have they lived it?  Nope.

Do they really know the market?  Ahhhh...nope.

Here is what they know:  There are 2.2 million "farms" in the United States.  A "farm" according to the USDA is any production facility that reports gross sales of over $1,000.  From experience let me tell you it does not take a lot of land to reach sales of $1,000.  Two foals sold from three acres of you are over the limit and a "farm".

Beauthorsenhouse Here is what most folks just don't get:  While there are 2.2 million farms there are over 40 million households living on 3 - 100 acres of land.  These may be folks who have lived the rural lifestyle for generations or they may be "Ruralpolitians" who live on an acreage or small farm but work in town...full white collar jobs.

Hollow_head_vinyard_michael_l Often the only thing one "rural lifestyle" person has with another is their love of the LIFESTYLE.  Not commodity farming.  And, that is what most rural marketers simply don't get.

We do...and we've been doing this for a dozen years.  Now we even talk about this group of people on the only full hour live radio show in the nation that speaks to the issues of living a rural lifestyle.  (We even help plant wine vineyards...)

If you are interested in marketing to this group...make contact with us.  If you're interested in listening live to the show you can do that by going to the 98.3 WOW-FM site and signing up.  We'll stream live to your computer every Sunday morning at 8.

Thanks for reading....and now for listening!

Michael P. Libbie - Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications where the rural lifestyle rules...