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Sales? Or Marketing? Can't Have Both...

Man_what_2 Next month the folks from the Farm Equipment Manufacturing Association (FEMA) will meet in New Orleans.  (Please remember, this is the "Other FEMA" headed to New Orleans...)

Among the many attendees will be folks with the title of "Vice President of Sales & Marketing" or "Sales & Marketing Manager" or any combination of those two duties.

The trouble is...most of these folks are more "sales" than they are "marketing".  It is a problem that plagues not only members of FEMA but a host of other companies that, for reasons known only to them, they figure "sales" and "marketing" are the same thing.

This is short sighted and ill focused.

Here is what usually happens with the "Vice President of Sales & Marketing":  Road trips.  Endless travels from state to state meeting with dealers, distributors and doing trade shows.  These "road warriors" spend 90% of their time in sales.  Meanwhile, nobody is home thinking about marketing.  And, that is the failure of the system.

In_focus Marketing is so much more than making sure sales quotas are reached.  And, while marketing people should get out of the office and into the real world to meet with not only the sales side...but also with CUSTOMERS... their real goal should be spending time focused on thinking.

Thinking of how to better position their product or service in order to attract more customers by giving them what they want...and need...should be their top priority.  But...nope, they'll be packing their bags to go visit a dealer in Denver or a wholesaler in Hoboken rather than focusing on marketing.

Airplane_broken_employee But, hey...that's OK.  Because that is how we make our living...we get to do the thinking while the VP of Sales and Marketing books another flight.

Michael P. Libbie - Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications where we're happy to spend our time helping you think through your marketing decisions...  By the way, this one is for our friend Jerry Nichols.  A speedy recovery my friend.