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"So, What Do You Think?"

Sherry_borzo I did a pod-cast interview today with Sherry Borzo of DSM Buzz.  Sherry was here to do a segment for her show "Entrepreneur People - Real Stories About Real People".  It was fun to be on the other side of the microphone for a change.

After she left there was one question that stuck out in my mind, "What did you once believe to be true about business that you no longer believe."

Great question...

My long answer you can hear once the pod-cast is loaded and on-line but here is the meat of the answer:

I used to believe that business people knew everything about their business, their market and their product.  They don't and that was a shock.

In fact, I now believe they actually know very little about their market or potential market.  And, it's a good thing because that is one of the ways we make our living.  We help business leaders / owners sell their product or service into markets they may have never dreamed of reaching or impacting.

So, who wouldn't want to find new people to sell into?

I also told Sherry that our business centers on one thing...finding more customers for our clients and then getting the customer involved in making a buying decision.  That's what we do...everyday.

Thanks Sherry for your work in helping small business owners gather a knowledge base that is free...and accessible.

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