Rural Lifestyle Radio - September 2, 2007
What If Your Employees Were Like This?

So...Maybe ADVERTISE And Let Folks KNOW?

Urbandale_library_3 So, my wife comes by the office the other day and tells me she is depressed.  (I can understand that...considering to whom she is married.)  But, this wasn't about me!

It seems the Urbandale Public Library is going to discontinue loaning out books on mp3.  At least that is what a staffer told her. Not a big deal for you maybe...but to her. 

She was told that it just does not pay for the library to loan out mp3 versions of books because, "...nobody is asking for them".


Ipod_nano_2 You mean with thousands and thousands of iPods and telephones equipped with mp3 capability along with a host of home players on the market...nobody is asking for books on mp3?

We think people just don't know.  Seems that once you are inside the library there are several signs letting you know they are available.  Even a scan of their website yielded little information.  Maybe there might be more interest and action IF the library actually let folks, who don't come into the building on a regular basis, know?

Think it's worth mentioning?

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