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What Is A Guy To Do?

LevinsongarymThis is my friend Gary M. Levenson, MD.  Gary is the senior physician for the pulmonology group at Mercy Medical Center of North Iowa located in Mason City, Iowa.

I spent several hours with Gary and his family this past week and we talked about his recent honor of being published in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings which is a peer reviewed journal sponsored by that most prestigious of hospitals.

He gave me a copy of his article, Intrapleural Fibrinolytics Combined With Image-Guided Chest Tube Drainage for Pleural Infection.  OK, I just reading the title I had only a vague idea of what his landmark study was about.  He was able to fill in the rest during our visit and it is exciting stuff.

I then told Gary about the world of the Business and Medical Blog and suggested that he give it a try.   Well, I know Gary only too well so I decided to do the Blog for him. 

The reason?  Well, what is a guy to do to prove the power of the Blog?  I hope to allow others out there to be able to notice his work and get folks in other professions to understand the potential of the blog.  Thanks, Gary for the information and the time we shared together. 

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