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Willie Suchy - This Week on Highway 6

Willie_suchy Join us this Sunday morning at 8am on 98-3 WOW-FM for news and information for folks living...or wanting to live...the rural lifestyle.  Highway 6 -  Your Road to the Country is the only full hour radio show dedicated to acreage and small farm living.

Our guest for the full hour will be Willie Suchy, Wildlife Research Supervisor for the State of Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

Willie has over two decades of information and wildlife experiences.  We'll talk about the deer population, common issues that acreage and small farm folks have with all sorts of animals and some tips on wildlife health.

This will be a great hour of information from a guy who knows his "stuff".  Got a critter question?  Be listening this Sunday morning at 8 and take part in the calls to the studio.  It's going to be a great show.

Michael P. Libbie - Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications we're the folks that have the experience to help you market to people living the rural lifestyle.  Oh...and if you want to listen but don't live in Des Moines...click here and sign up.  We'll stream to you online.