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Wine_pouring The advertising agency business can be fun.  New, innovative and different is what we live for.

There are many things we enjoy.  Among them is finding new and exciting ways to build a business and then passing that information on to like minded individuals (You!).

Here's one that we thought was very clever.

There is a section of Des Moines called "Sherman Hill" that was once a blight on the city.  Today that same area has dozens of restored Victorian Era houses.  It's now a tourist destination.

This past Sunday the Sherman Hill Neighborhood held a tour of homes.  For $10 you could walk the route and visit homes that were being restored or had been completed.  Fun stuff.

One of the homes on the tour also had a business that hit our passion for innovative.

Vines_to_wine_bottles "Vines to Wine" is all about having individuals make their own wines from juice imported from California.  We're not talking sweet grape juice but some of the finest varieties available.

Vines_to_wine_people Here is how it works:  Get a group of friends together, make a reservation, decide on what type of wine the group would like, pay the money, sit around learning about wine while "making" your own.  Slap your own label on the bottles two months later and vola!  You've got wine!

Vines_to_wine_eric Marketing the unique idea has not cost much and word of mouth has brought dozens of groups to the home.  Wines cost between $10 to $12 a bottle.

Neat idea and kudos to Eric and his family for bringing this idea to Iowa.  So, what do you think?

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