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Lots Of People "Talk About It"...We Know It!

You Shoot...Video Too?

Video_shoot_lyle Sure!  It's one of the options our advertising agency clients have.

We could "farm out" the production to other folks but we think the best work comes from people we already know and work with all the time.  That's not to say other companies that specialize in television or video production are not good.  Some are simply great!  It's just that when we're involved from the "video treatment" all the way through final edit the close relationship we have with our clients shows.

Here we are setting up for a shot on location in Missouri with Lyle Steinman spokesperson for Country Vet Pet Foods of South Dakota.

One of the things many clients don't understand is the TIME that goes into video production.  They are surprised that a four minute video or a thirty-second television commercial takes hours and hours to plan, shoot and then edit.

Video_shoot_directingIt's all part of the process.  The the final reward is putting our client's product or service in front of thousands, if not millions, of consumers with a well thought out and attractive piece of film.

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