Taking Responsibility....We Are Not Alone
Burning Through Your Ad Dollars?

Are You Among The "Five Percent"?

Man_frustrated Yes?  No?  Maybe?  Need more information don't you?

A couple of weeks ago I attended an early morning seminar on advertising and marketing.  (Yes, we try to keep learning...)

The presenter was my friend Drew McLellan and he did a great job in front of about 75 eager business folks. 

When he got to the part about marketing/media planning he asked the group if they realized that only 5% of the corporations in existence today had a written marketing plan that they followed.

It was a stunner to the audience and when he asked, who in the room, had a written marketing plan...only six or seven hands went up.  Proof.

We've written about this before (several times) but it was nice to know somebody else sees the importance in the old sage: "What gets written...gets done."

Ready to start writing your marketing plan for 2008?

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