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New Orleans and FEMA

Farewell Big Easy...From FEMA

Fema_no_sundown It's been an interesting couple of days here at the Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association (FEMA) Fall Meeting.  Warning...this is a very LONG post from our Advertising Agency...

The members who make up the association are downright "giddy" at their performance in 2007.  At one time, not that long ago, folks were RUNNING away from agriculture because there was zero profit margin.  Today people who have never worked the "ag crowd" are joining so they can get a piece of the profits generated by an outstanding farm economy.

But, this post is about some of the people and things we experienced in our three days in New Orleans.  And, where we can, we'll give you a visual.

Fema_no_bob The long time Executive Director of FEMA, Bob Schnell and wife Marcie were on hand as they have been for years.  Bob still thinks there is "no future" in the world of blogging and tells us that "nobody reads this stuff anyway".  OK...Bob.  Nice to see you again...he is such a "tender guy".

Fema_no_minimal This is Ashok Singh Garcha of Safe Engineering.  He won my annual "Impress Them With A Minimal Display" award.  Ashok came with his "stuff" packed in his pockets.  "Why bring so much stuff?" He asked.  Hey....if it sells...what the heck.  BUT, don't tell our clients that we create high end displays for...

Fema_no_crane_creek This is Kari Warberg who founded Crane Creek Gardens.  It's pretty cool...she's cooked up a way to keep tractor cabs smelling nice while chasing away the mice. (nice ring to that huh?) I've been in plenty of tractor cabs that could use both.  We'll have her on our radio show one of these days.

Fema_no_obrian_logo Here is the outside of Pat O'Briens.  This joint has a very special place in my heart.  I have a photo, I'll share it with you someday, of my Father (may he rest in peace) sitting with a bunch of his buddies...all Navy guys from WWII.  Every time I get to New Orleans I go's kind of like a shine and I imagine my father when he was all of 24 having a beer with his best friends and somehow it helps.  I miss him greatly.

Fema_no_charlie This is Charlie GlassWe've written about him before.  He is smart, on track and usually way ahead of others.  His program on Trade Shows was excellent.  We wrote about many of the Trade Show Woes we did in other postings.  It was great to know, according to Charlie, we are on the right track.

Fema_no_supplier_board I sit on the Board of Governors for the Supply Section of FEMA.  That is like the "associates" who sell stuff to the manufacturers like steel, tubing, insurance, print, and advertising agencies.  Here is our Board working...and at 8:30am.  In New Orleans yet!  At the head of the table (holding court) is Dave Laughlin of Primary Steel.  A good friend and a great guy.

Fema_no_train I had no idea you could get this close to a train!  Running yet!!  And this is right downtown!

Fema_no_burboun_st What?  Did I make it to Bourbon Street?  Ahhhh.... well, let's see...that is an excellent question.  Yes, but I am grateful my good friend Jeff Griggs of All State Ag Parts was not with me.  We would have been out until very early in the morning.  Maybe.  Jeff, remember this place?  I bought the round there usual.

James_lloyd Best speech of the event?  James Lloyd.  Really...very, very good. If you are looking for an opening speaker.  Give Jim a call.  He not only has a great gift...but also a wonderful story.  Tell him we sent you., that's it.  It's a wrap.  I'm outta here. more tiny thing. If you come to New Orleans and you want some top end service at a chain hotel.  Call Dennis Doherty of the Sheraton New Orleans.  I had what was maybe the worst stay of my career.  And I did complain.  Then, Dennis called as I was writing this and made it right.  And...said he would take this up with their staff and policy people to make sure future guests had a better experience.  Thanks make it happen!

Thanks for spending more time than usual with us...

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